Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 2, Post-Christmas

The movies are watched, the Battlestar Galactica marathon concluded, a cornicopia of good food eaten, and (best of all) time spent with L. in front of the HD fireplace. Now, slowly, the real world starts to seep back in, but I am holding on, holding on to those feelings, like to a warm blanket.

Christmas hasn't been the usual getting together with family and friends for me for a long time. Those things are wonderful, and important. I think I'm not constituonally capable of putting so much on one day. Instead, I pull the blankets up, put on some good (or bad) science fiction and cook. It's become a reset button for me. One day I can have to myself and know if the phone rings, it will be something good.

I had all that this year, and I even got to share my kind of Christmas with my best friend. I don't know what your Christmas was, but I hope it was wonderful, and everything you wanted. Mine was kind of perfect.

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